I just spent a couple of hours researching lock bumping to see if there was such a thing as a bump proof deadbolt. Wow, there is a lot of data to wade through!

Before I get to my results here is an interesting quote:

According to statistics provided by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and the Department of Justice, nearly 2/3 of all break-ins occur with no sign of forced entry. While some of these crimes may be a result of an unlocked door, most experts agree that lock bumping, picking or use of an unauthorized duplicate key are often the case.

Oh, I also read somewhere that some insurance companies don’t pay or try and not pay on home burglaries when there is no sign of forced entry. Maybe they want to blame the homeowner by saying they left their doors unlocked and it is their own fault?

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Lock Bumping Key

Lock Bumping Key

Of course we need to factor in the bad economy which is causing home burglary rates to increase as people get desperate for money.

OK, enough with the doom and gloom let’s move on…

From what I have gathered a lock that is bump resistant means it can be bumped but takes a little more effort which says to me that it is no better than a cheap lock.

A bump proof deadbolt is one that supposedly cannot be bumped and there are a few keyed locks on the market today that say they are anti bump locks but there is just one little problem I have with these so-called bump proof locks after doing my research.


Are They Really Bump Proof Locks Or Only Bump Resistant?

You see, after much fanfare a major high end lock manufacturer launched an expensive lock that was advertised as bump proof a few years ago. The only problem was that an expert found several major flaws in the lock and in no time it had joined the ranks of locks that could be bumped.

Who’s to say that the other locks won’t soon be compromised?

Don’t forget that if it has a keyhole there is a great chance that the lock can be picked as well. Yes there are pick proof locks on the market and I saw a site where someone stated that they would love to see brand x and y picked but to me if there is a keyhole there is a vulnerability. Simple as that!

A truly bump proof lock would be one with no keyhole and the locks that are like this primarily fall into the electronic deadbolt category where the lock is electronically and not mechanically controlled.

However, just because the lock is advertised as a bump proof deadbolt because there is no keyhole to exploit doesn’t mean you should run out and buy it.


What To Look For In An Anti Bump Lock

Besides being bump proof you want a lock that can stand up to abuse like drilling and hammering to protect you from brute force attacks. You also want the electronics protected from high voltage attacks that quickly destroy cheaper electric locks.

Finally, you want a lock that is attractive and easy to use with many safety and convenience benefits.

Obviously I have a lock like that in mind that I think you should take a serious look at. It is the new Sunnect AP501SN and it has been praised by The National Locksmith magazine as being one safe and tough lock.

Here is a great review video that’s about 11 minutes long and goes into every little detail about the AP501, a truly bump proof deadbolt. There is a site at the end that you can go to if you want to buy the lock but DON”T DO IT!!!

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There, I just saved you a few bucks :)


Anyway here is the video:


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