Sunnect AP501 Exterior View

Sunnect AP501 Exterior View

Consider A Keypad Lock For Maximum Security

Picture this, a 10 year old kid watches a video on Youtube showing how to make a bump key and is soon using it to break into houses and steal or vandalize them.

Sound far-fetched? Well, even though bumping a lock has been a technique used by criminals to break into a home for many years it is only recently that the idea has spread thanks to the Internet.

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Using basic materials and no special skills anyone can learn how to defeat almost every keyed lock installed in homes today and unless you buy a new bump proof lock (some models only make it harder to bump a lock but not impossible) you might as well leave your front door open.

Add to that the traditional methods of breaking in like picking the lock, drilling or sawing and you are now more exposed than ever.


Are Keypad Locks A Good Solution?

Many people think that if they install a keypad lock they will eliminate the problem but cheaper models are just as easily defeated by hammering or sawing and some are not protected from the elements and are prone to failure leaving you stranded outside.

Better quality keypad door locks will of course perform better but for about the same amount of money you can have the best of both worlds.


Introducing The Sunnect AP501 Keypad Lock

The Sunnect AP501 lock can be used with the built-in backlit keypad like a traditional keypad lock but you can also use a tamper-proof electronic key that you simply touch to the lock to enter.

“This is the most awesome lock I’ve ever seen!”

-Keith Duncan, Allstate Insurance agency owner and home security consultant who speaks frequently on TV and at seminars, describing the Sunnect AP501 digital door lock at the 2009 Southern Arizona Home Builders Association home security seminar

This way you have two methods of unlocking your door and you eliminate the ability to have your lock vandalized as there are no openings in the external part of the lock. Smart.

The AP501 has a unique random digit feature that lets you enter fake numbers before you enter your real code on the keypad making it virtually impossible to guess your access code and of course changing the codes is as simple as 1-2-3.

The Sunnect lock is also built tough and can even take a bullet fired directly at it. How many regular keypad locks can you do that to?


Sunnect AP501

Sunnect AP501 Deadbolt

“The Rolls Royce of deadbolts”

“This is it. Top of the line.”

“Best deadbolt keypad I’ve ever seen!”


Finally, A Keypad Lock You Can Count On!

The Sunnect AP501 electronic deadbolt is a state of the art digital door lock that has been praised by the prestigious National Locksmith magazine as “one tough deadbolt…built like a tank” .


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