Schlage Camelot Keypad Entry with Flex-Lock and Georgian Style Knobs

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Keypad Entry Function with Flex Lock: This knobset is temporarily unlocked from the exterior with either the keypad or a key and then automatically relocks after five seconds.  From the interior the knob is always free to open the door but does not unlock the knobset. The flex lock interior thumbturn activates and deactivates the autolock feature allowing the lock to remain unlocked if needed. This knobset is ideal for utility closets, storage rooms, basement stairways, cleaning supply closets, etc. Features: Interior screws are exposed Flex lock allows the automatic locking feature to be enabled and disabled with ease Automatic lock mode activates the lock after 5 seconds; no need to remember to relock the door Easily replace most existing locks with a screwdriver in about 30 minutes No programming required; preset with two user codes so it's ready to use right out of the box Faceplates (Part 16-211): Supplied with 1/4" Round Corner, Square Corner and Drive-In Faceplates Strike Plates (Part 10-063): Supplied with Square Corner and Round Corner Full Lip Strike Plates (Dimensions: 2-1/4" x 1-5/8") This knobset is usable for both left and right handed applications Specifications: Backset: Adjustable for either 2-3/4" or 2-3/8" Crossbore: 2-1/8" Edgebore: 1" Door Thickness: 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 1-3/8", 1-5/8" Cylinder: 5 Pin Schlage C Battery Size: 9V Battery Life: 3 Years

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